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What is Digital Marketing?

As per Wikipedia Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. In my simple words Digital Marketing is a way of marketing of any products or services using any electronic device.

Why Digital Marketing?

First let’s talk about the traditional marketing of a product. You need to print banners, you need to distribute posters, you need to do door-door marketing etc. It is so time taking, expensive and difficult activity. Also we need man power for traditional marketing.

But promoting a product digitally is very easy and fast. We all are aware of the power of internet. Just imagine you can just upload your product banner in Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and can promote it. Or you can give a digital ad using Google ad words or any kind of advertisement service. The marketing will be done single handily while you are sleeping. Either you can assign a digital marketer or you can do it by your own.

The digital marketers have a clear idea of to create a goal based on the product or service. And depending on the goals they create a marketing campaign, marketers can support a larger campaign through the free and paid channels at their disposal.

A Content Marketer, for example, can create a series of Blog Posts which will generate leads for a new eBook the business recently created. A Social Media Marketer can then help to promote these blog posts through paid and organic posts or Campaigns using social media platforms to generate lead for that eBook. Then finally the Email Marketer creates an email campaign based on the lead generated by the Social Media Marketer to send the rest information including pricing of that eBook followed by the download link.

Types of Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing : Promoting your brand/content/business on social media platform to increase brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads for your business.Digital Marketing

The best social media marketing platforms include: Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+.

Affiliate Marketing : This is one of my personal favorite digital marketing. This is a type of marketing where you promote a product or service online on behalf of an eCommerce company and on successful conversion you receive commission from that company. Affiliate marketing channels include: Promoting affiliate links of Amazon, Walmart, Lazada, Or any eCommerce website.

Well Affiliate Marketing is a very interesting, profitable and treading topic. It needs a closer look, read our Complete guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Email Marketing : Currently email Marketing is one of the most successful way of communicating with audiences in digital marketing. Email is often used to promote content, discounts and events, as well as to direct people toward the business’s website. You must have seen when you entered Logical Guy website a subscription form popped up, if you subscribe us by filling that form you will receive our daily updates in your email. So this is a type of email marketing.Digital MarketingThe email marketing campaign include : Blog subscription newsletters, Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something, Customer welcome emails, Promotions emails, Tips or similar series emails for customer nurturing.

Like Affiliate Marketing Email Marketing is also a very interesting topic and needs closer attention. To know more about Email Marketing read Logical Guy’s complete guide to Email Marketing.

Content Marketing : This term denotes the creation and promotion of content assets for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers.

The channels that can play a part in your content marketing strategy include: Blog posts, eBooks and whitepapers, Info-graphics, Online brochures and look-books.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is a process where you your website to “rank” higher in search engine results pages, which helps to increase the amount of organic traffic our website.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) :  PPC is another cool method for driving traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time your ad is clicked. One of the most common and popular type of PPC Marketing is using Google Ad-Words, where you advertise your website using their services and every time when some one click on the Ads will enter your website and you will be charged.

Often we search something on google we have seen these kind of links on top of the search results. This is an live example for Pay-Per-Click marketing.

Other PPC include, Paid ads on Facebook, Promoted Tweets on Twitter, Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn.

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation refers to the software that serves to automate your basic marketing operations. Many marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks they would otherwise do manually, such as:

Email newsletters, Social media post scheduling, Contact list updating, Lead-nurturing workflows, Campaign tracking and reporting.

Influencer Marketing : Influencer marketing is relatively new – but it’s a very exciting type of digital marketing. It’s vastly different from the other types of digital marketing, but can be equally as effective. In this marketing usually people with good audience promote a specific product or brand.Digital Marketing

Like we have seen many people with millions of instagram followers, facebook fans or youtube subscribers. When you follow a popular person you actually get influenced by them. So when they promote a product or brand you are influenced.

Best platforms for influencer marketing include: Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and Instagram.

There are multiple types of digital marketing, but you need to decide first which marketing will be most suitable to promote your brand or product. So I always recommend first do a proper market research.

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