Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle Publishing

Introduction to Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is a very popular platform for reading eBooks where you can purchase eBooks from Amazon and read using your Kindle device. Currently Amazon has more than 6 million eBooks online and available in 14 different countries. But have you ever thought who is publishing these books in Amazon and how much money they are making. Well Honestly I don’t know about others, but I am making 200-400 USD every month. I have published 40 eBooks and 15 Paperback before 6 months and have earned roughly USD 800 so far. Below is my earning report for this month (August). Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle. amazon kindle make money

Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle

So in this tutorial I am going to tell you all my secrets by using which you can also make money Amazon kindle by publishing Public Domain eBooks. If are are worried that you are not a writer/author, then let me tell you, from all the books I have published not even a single one was written by me. All are public domain Books whose writers/authors are currently dead. Yes you heard me right you can edit and sell public domain books of dead writers like “William Shakespeare”, “Jack London” and “Arthur Conan Doyle”. Also you don’t have to publish books every time, more ever t’s like publish once and earn for life.Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle. amazon kindle make money

The question was Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle? My answer is yes you can.

How Do I get Started? amazon kindle make moneyCan you Make Money with Amazon kindle

  • Step:1
    First we need a public domain eBook, we can find millions of public domain eBooks in google. Mostly I prefer websites like Feedbooks and ManyBooks. Just download from them. Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle.
    Or Download Pre-Edited eBooks From Our Android App:
  • Step:2
    Second step is to edit the eBooks. Because Amazon won’t accept the same eBook which is available fir free over internet, for that we need to add little bit of our own content. For editing we need a ePub editor software. Which you can download Free from below link. 

Download Sigil-0.9.10-Windows-x64-Setup.exe

Download Sigil-0.9.10-Windows-x86-Setup.exe

  • Step:3
    According to Amazon’s new policy, you can not upload public domain books directly for sell, which are freely available on internet rather books needs to be differentiated, annotated, and uniquely translated by you. Follow KDP Terms and Conditions. So basically you need to add couple of paragraphs like study guides, literary critiques, detailed biographies, or historical context for annotated version. If you can add couple of pictures that would add an advantage. You can check out my eBook and Paperback in Amazon’s Website. 
    eBook Link:
    Paperback Link:
  • Step:4
    You need to Create an account in Amazon KDP. Just fill all your correct information in “Author/Publisher Information” section. Then your bank account details in “Payment & Banking” section. If you are publishing eBooks other than your own country, means let’s say you are from USA/India but you also want to publish your book in Amazon France then you need an additional bank account. You can claim your free Payoneer bank account below.Can you Make Money with Amazon kindleAmazon Publishing Link:
  • Step:5
    After Filling your personal and bank information you need to undergo Tax interview under “Tax Information” section to claim a reduced 15% tax rate. If you have a Tax Identification no for your country then you’re eligible to get a reduced 15% tax rate otherwise it will be 30% flat rate. Give all your information and always go paperless for instant approval. Once you have performed all the steps you will see this image. Means now you can start uploading eBooks and Paperback. amazon kindle make money. Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle
  • Step:6
    For uploading books go to “Bookshelf” tab. And select the book version you want to upload. Means eBook or Paperback. You can also upload the use the eBook to convert into PDF and use it as Paperback.
    Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle
  • Once you select your book version you have to complete three different sections as below.Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle
  • First one is Kindle eBook details. Fill the name of your book, Author name, Translator name (if any), Book description, Publishing Rights (Standard or Public Domain), Book Keywords (to be easily identified), Categories (Action, Fiction etc), Age and Grade Range. Once done click on “Save and Continue”.
  • Next is Kindle eBook content, where you have to upload the book in required format. For eBook, best recommended format is ePub and for paperback it’s PDF. Create a eye catching cover using Kindle Cover Creator tool. Once all the steps are done click on “Save and Continue”. (For paperback version you need to assign a free ISBN). make money on amazon kindle.
  • Next is Kindle eBook/Paperback pricing where you need to set a price for your book. You can choose where you want to sell your book and the price. For eBooks amazon itself keeps 65% Royalty and for Paperback 40% Royalty. Once all the step is finished click on Publish.
  • Amazon will review your book which will take 6-18 hours and after that your book will be live.

Payment Procedure:

Now it’s time to get paid. Amazon have multiple payment options based on your country. Please refer the kdp payment guidelines. I recommend to link a Payoneer account with Amazon to get paid, because it’s fastest and taxsaver. Also you can link your local bank account to get paid. Can you Make Money with Amazon kindle.

Amazon kindle Publishing is one of my personal favorite method to make money online. But you need to ensure that before uploading the eBook annotate it, useless Amazon might block your book.

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