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As it says SteepShot is Platform that rewards people for sharing their lifestyle and visual experience. You can use it to share pictures that you’ve taken with your mobile phone camera, curate and comment on your friends photos. Most importantly it says never worry for any third party censoring your images. The idea and mechanism is same like SteemIT as it is a part of SteemIt. Know the Best Ways To Make Money On SteemIT. Make Money With Steepshot

How SteepShot Works?

Well we all are aware of instagram. What if I told you that Steepshot is just like instagram but advanced. It Follows the Steem blockchain mechanism which allows you to make a profit with the help of your followers. The amount you earn is based on the amount and the quality of upvotes you receive from users of Steemit or Steepshot since they are integrated you’ll receive exposure on both platforms. Make Money With Steepshot.

You just need to login using your steemIT username and password and start posting your photos, based on the upvotes (Likes) received your post will be rewarded. Every post you made in Steepshot will be auto posted in SteemIT. Means you can earn Up-Vote from both the platforms. Make Money With Steepshot.

How Do I get Started in SteepShot?

Just Open Currently Steepshot is available in 3 different platforms, Web (PC), Android and iOs. Means you can use Steepshot using any of these platforms. Make Money With SteepshotMake Money With Steepshot

Note: To open a Steepshot account you must have an active account in either SteemIT or Golos. 

For Web(PC) just click on the green button which says “Steepshot for Web” or directly open Steepshot Web.Make Money With Steepshot

You will see a form like above. Give you steemIT username like my user name is “dev1993″ then open your steemIT account – Then goto Wallets – Goto permissions – You will see 4 different type of posting keys – We will use the posting key. Make Money With SteepshotMake Money With Steepshot

Click on Show Private Key – Copy that key – Go back to SteepShot – Paste it in “Posting Key” box – Click Log in

Now once you are in you can start posting photos. Below are some best practices to be successful on Steepshot.

  • Give a Good Title
  • Write a Proper description
  • Photos should be of good quality
  • Use proper and trending hashtags

Below is the example of one my post in Steepshot you can refer it for reference. Make Money With Steepshot

Make Money With Steepshot

To use SteepShot in Mobile phone you can just download the application and login using the credentials or scan the QR code in your phone.

Remember Quality Posts and Quality votes pays you off. So always go for Quality instead of Quantity.


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