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If You are an YouTube Creator and fed off from YouTube’s policies. If you looking for an suitable YouTube alternative, where you can post videos and make money without getting your channel or Adsense account suspended then DTube is the best platform for you. So in this post I will introduce DTube and I will me making a detail comparison of YouTube Vs DTube.

Introduction To DTube

In DTube “D” stands for Decentralized. DTube is a decentralized platform which is based on Blockchain network system unlike YouTube. Basically it is platform powered by Steem and IPFS.

DTube is an application fully written in JavaScript, that runs in the browser, that allows you to upload and watch videos on top of the IPFS Network. Moreover, it uses STEEM as a database and enables earning rewards from your uploads.

Many experts and steemians are predicting that DTube will soon move ahead of YouTube. I have also strong feeling that DTube have every kind of potential to be tough competitor of YouTube. Because of it’s transparent video creation platform.

YouTube vs DTube

There are more than thousands of factors to compare YouTube vs DTube, but here I will only highlight the important ones.

Design & Layout

Design & layout of a website matters a lot, whether it is a video sharing platform or a website. If you ever owned a blog or website you must aware that people will only visit them more often when the design/layout is simple and understandable. If the design and layout is poor then there are less chances that your visitor will visit again.

As you can see the front layout, as well as the others, are clean and well organized. Whether you are a viewer or content creator, you will always look for a clean layout. Undoubtedly the layout of YouTube is best at this time when it comes to a video sharing platform. But we have to consider the fact that YouTube is not a new platform. It is updated and modified from a long time.

YouTube Vs DTube
The layout and design of DTube is pretty cool and almost similar like YouTube. Previously the layout of DTube was not good enough but they have improved a lot and now it’s looks very promising. We have to keep one thing in mind that YouTube is a 13 year old platform while DTube has not even completed it’s debut year. YouTube is bit faster than DTube, because DTube takes more time to load. There is no category option in DTube which is very necessary for a viewer. In DTube short keyword are used unlike long trail keyword in YouTube.

Payment : YouTube Vs DTube

When it comes to video creators Payment is the most important thing. Creators needs to be paid regularly to settle up their expense and to invest more in equipment etc.

We all know that the amount of money YouTube gives for small channels is very pathetic. For a new YouTuber it almost takes 1 year to receive his/her 1st payment from YouTube because of its $100 minimum payout policy. Only channels with huge subscribers get the most of it. Many talented people remain unnoticed. Now a days Monetization system in YouTube is changed, the channel who have completed 4000+ hours watch + 1000+ subscribers within last 12 month can only apply for monetization. Apart from that YouTube is very famous for suspending the channels and Adsense account. But the payout is given directly in our bank, so there is no issue in receiving money.

DTube is a decentralized platform based on Blockchain technology, so the payout is given in the form of steem and steem dollars. For some people, it might be a problem those who don’t have any idea regarding cryptocurrency. In DTube a good content creator can easily cross 50$-500$, but in DTube views and Ads doesn’t give any reward. Only the up-vote gives reward and different up-vote has different reward value which is a major disadvantage of this platform.

Like/Dislike : YouTube Vs DTube

YouTube have this like/dislike policy. I agree it is good to know your viewer’s expression but sometimes it is very irritating. Because there are always haters who will only come to dislike your videos.

In DTube we have Up-vote/Down-vote feature instead of Like/Dislike. Even we can see who Upvoted and who have Down-Voted. This feature makes DTube very transparent and cool. YouTube Vs DTube.

Uploading and Views Counter

In YouTube, you can see the progress of uploading which is really a good thing. The amount of time it takes to upload a video in YouTube is very fast when compared to DTube. Uploading doesn’t restart from the beginning if your internet disconnects at the time of uploading instead it resumes where it stopped. And the number of views per video is shown on YouTube which is really important to see how many people watched your video. YouTube Vs DTube.

YouTube Vs DTube
In DTube the uploading is bit slow maybe it is because the platform is new. The progress of uploading is not shown in DTube which is an important thing. And if your internet disconnects then you have to start all over again. In DTube you can not see the number of viewers.

Copyright and Content Protection : YouTube Vs DTube

As we all know YouTube have very strict Copyright and Content Protection policies. Your channel can be suspended/strikes/terminated for violating any of these policies.

As of now DTube do not have any kind of Copyright and Content Protection policies. Also as it is working on blockchain network, one can not delete a video once it is uploaded.

How To Get Started With DTube

To get started with DTube you must have an active SteemIT account
Logging in:
Go to your browser and Open D.Tube
Click on Login Button in the upper-right corner
YouTube Vs DTube
Enter your STEEM username
Enter your Private Posting Key, you can find it like so:
YouTube Vs DTube

I believe that as of now DTube has included so many useful features to get started with and Soon more features will be added. While I personally believe that decentralization and Blockchain is the future, don’t get your hopes too high yet. Competing with YouTube is an heavy task that cannot be done by one man who is handling DTube.

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