Best Ways To Make Money On SteemIT


SteemIT platform has been founded in 2016 by Ned Scott and also Daniel Larimer. It is a very smartly built social media platform which uses the Block-Chain Technology and a Cryptocurrency called Steem to reward it’s participants for multiple activities. SteemIT platform is so smartly designed that you can use any of your skill or hobby to get started and make money on SteemIT.

If you are good at something. Means you can use any of your skills to get started on SteemIT like writing, painting, photography, sketching, dancing, blogging, travelling, singing etc. Every skill has a place in this platform and it’s very very easy.

Users of the platform are paid in both Steem and in SBD (Steem Backed Dollars). This can then be exchanged and transferred back to your bank account like other crypto currencies.

How SteemIT Works?

You can Make Money On SteemIT by writing quality blog posts, by up-voting and commenting on other posts. When you write blog posts you get a reward as an Author, and when you comment and up-vote, you earn a reward as a Curator.Make Money On SteemIT

Under each and every post there is a detail explanation about the rewards. Like in this post the total Payout is $0.20 from which Author gets $0.16 and the curators are getting $0.04. here author is who posted this Blog and curators are who upvoted and commented on this post.

Everytime you don’t need to write a article instead one can simply comment and Up-Vote to earn rewards. Payment is made after seven days of the post in your wallet on Steemit!

How I can use any of my skills to Make Money On SteemIT?

Well this one is pretty obvious and most important question. There are thousand type of Categories on SteemIT which is classified using Tags.

Make Money On SteemIT

Make Money On SteemIT

Make Money On SteemIT

You can see on above I have taken only 3 type of categories. Food, Photography and Adventure. Like this SteemIT have thousands of different categories. You can post using any of these categories. If you are good in story writing you can write stories, if you are good at photography you can just click photos and post your photos.

If you are good at Photography then Learn how to Make money on SteemIT for using Steepshot. Like this we can use any of our talent to get started in SteemIT.

How SteemIT works?

There are three different kind of Steem on Steemit: STEEM, STEEM Power and Steem Dollar. Below are the explanation of each type.Make Money On SteemIT

The more Steem Power you have the more rewards you will get as an Author and Curator. Also, the more value you will give to your comments and up-votes to others. It is important to grow your number of followers on Steemit so you can get more and more rewards. Followers with good Steem Power can give you a lot more rewards than regular users.

If you look at the blogs of people on Steemit who are getting $500+ in rewards on each post, you will see that they have started with much lower rewards. The key is consistency in writing posts and participating maximum.

How Do I get Started?

Getting started in SteemIt is very easy. Just click on the Sign-Up button. You will get 2 options just select Sign-Up for free.

Give you desired User Name, enter your email id, verify it, then give your phone number.

Once you have given all the details, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-4 weeks (can be less or more). Once received just click and complete your account details.


There are many things and factors you need to consider in SteemIT to be a successful Steemian and Make Money On SteemIT, because I have seen many people who came to SteemIT for easy money. You can definitely Make Money On SteemIT but there is no easy money, you need to earn that and for that smart work is needed.To learn more about this platform and how to be successful on SteemIT please read: A Complete Beginners guide to steemit. I would recommend to Visit and Follow Us on SteemIt For more useful information.Make Money On SteemIT

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